Al Hunter's Book Launch
March 2, 2013 | Trepanier Hall

We hosted the launch of Al Hunter's new book "Beautiful Razor: love poems and other lies".  Here the event was reviewed by Ennyman's Territory Blog:

Saturday night Al Hunter read poems from his newly released third volume of poems titled Beautiful Razor: love poems and other lies.  It was an unexpectedly powerful event, head at Trepanier Hall (the American Indian Center.)   What made the reading compelling was the accompaniment by a set of guest musicians that included Kathy McTavish, Frank Montana, Michael "Waabi" Furo, Jake Vainio and Larissa Desrosiers. The eclectic instrumentation -- cello, flute, guitars, keyboard -- produced a wonderful backdrop of sound that amplified the sometimes haunting, sometimes melancholic emotion in the readings.   Read More...

>> John Harrington Blog about the event.

Event Performers:
Ed Newman
Kathy McTavish
Stephan Hoglund



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