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“Giiwe” is an Ojibwe word that means “he or she goes home”.

The Giiwe Mobile Team provides opportunities for homeless families and individuals to build a strong sense of community while obtaining safe, decent and affordable housing. Services are culturally appropriate and supportive to help participants achieve stability. The Giiwe Mobile Team provides intensive case management services to participants/households experiencing long-term homelessness.

Our Case Managers work directly with participants to assist in:

  • Applying for, obtaining, and maintaining housing.

  • Mental health issues, crisis, and needs.

  • Obtaining and using benefits (income, medical, dental, eye)

  • Life skills (budgeting, shopping, housekeeping)

  • Providing advocacy (housing, court, and letters of support or reasonable accommodations) and can attend appointments if requested.

  • Referrals for diagnostic assessments, therapy, Legal Aid, Housing Access Center, or other local agencies as needed.

  • Transportation to appointments, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.

  • Educational assistance and job assistance as needed.

  • Flex funding is available for emergency financial assistance.



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